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From page 41...
... The coun cil and its advisory committee, the ADA National Advisory Committee on Health Literacy in Dentistry, developed the Health Literacy in Dentistry Action Plan.2 This is a 5-year plan that focuses on health literacy educa 1 The views presented here may not necessarily reflect the policies of the American Dental Association. 2 The plan can be found at topics_access_health_literacy_dentistry.pdf.
From page 42...
... Preparing an effective workforce and improving system navigation are other priority attributes for the ADA. There is a pilot program at the schools of dentistry at Temple University and at the University of Oklahoma that is testing a potential new member of dental teams called a community dental health coordinator.4 Such a coordinator would be, essentially, a patient navigator who would be working directly in communities to help with outreach in oral health literacy.
From page 43...
... HOME HEALTH Cynthia D Horton Visiting Nurses Association of El Paso The Visiting Nurses Association of El Paso, established in 1967, is a not-for-profit organization that serves about 90 percent of the charitable care provided to the uninsured, homebound people in the community.
From page 44...
... Another activity concerns communication and building trust. Many of the patients seen by the agency delay visiting a physician and instead selfmedicate using remedies that a relative brought back from across the border.
From page 45...
... For example, the local diabetes association has developed excellent printed materials, and the agency uses those materials rather than expending resources to develop new ones. Progress is being made in the areas of congestive heart failure, diabetes awareness, comprehensive cancer care, and a community-wide falls prevention program.
From page 46...
... Calnon explained that such individu als, if properly trained and supervised, could provide basic dental care, leaving the more surgical practice to be performed by a trained dentist. Roundtable member Leonard Epstein asked Horton whether the Visiting Nurses of El Paso work with the community health centers funded by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration.

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