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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 57-60

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... William Dietz, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Richard Black, Kraft Foods Robert Post, USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion Jonathan Marks, Pennsylvania State University 10:30 Break 57
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... Key Outcomes and Reflections from Other Meetings 1:00 Cheryl Toner, National Cancer Institute Sylvia Rowe, SR Strategy Eric Hentges, ILSI (International Life Sciences Institute) Types of Relationships and Their Strategic Focus 2:00 David Castle, University of Edinburgh Best Practices and Models -- Reflecting on Our Own Best 2:30 Practices and Approaches Facilitator: Diane Finegood, Simon Fraser University • uided small-group discussions and report-back G Ø How do I determine the acceptability of a specific public–private partnership?
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... (Small-Group Discussions) Facilitators: Diane Finegood and David Castle Report-Back from Small-Group Discussions 10:15 Concluding Thoughts 11:00 Michael McGinnis, Institute of Medicine 11:30 Adjourn

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