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Appendix C: Workshop Attendees
Pages 67-70

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From page 67...
... American Society for Nutrition Susan Crockett Diane Finegood General Mills Simon Fraser University Richard D'Aloisio Cindy Goody Kraft Foods McDonald's 67
From page 68...
... Center Erik Olson Van Hubbard The Pew Charitable Trusts NIH, Division of Nutrition Research Coordination Susan Pitman (DNRC) FoodMinds, LLC Wendy Johnson-Askew Robert Post Nestlé USDA, CNPP Lee Johnston Leslie Pray Simon Fraser University Science Writer Molly Kretsch Elizabeth Rahavi U.S.
From page 69...
... 69 APPENDIX C Lisa Sutherland Parke Wilde Kellogg Tufts University Donald Thompson Catherine Woteki Pennsylvania State University USDA Cheryl Toner IOM Staff NIH, NCI Allison Berger Paula Trumbo Geraldine Kennedo FDA, CFSAN Linda Meyers Laura Pillsbury Taylor Wallace Council for Responsible Nutrition

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