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Appendix B: Survey of Companion-Animal Practice Owners
Pages 258-263

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From page 258...
... There were several follow-up e-mails sent to members who did not respond to the survey: an additional e-mail from the National Research Council, a letter from the AVMA president and e-mails from the Executive Directors of the State Veterinary Medical Associations. With these efforts to increase the response rate there were 286 completed questionnaires after removing duplicate responses from the same practice and responses where only a few questions were completed.
From page 259...
... The study will also examine trends affecting the kinds of jobs available to veterinarians and assess future demand for veterinary expertise in existing and new employment sectors. The study will examine the current and future capacity of universities and colleges to provide sufficient numbers of adequately trained veterinarians and identify training needs relative to the demand for specific expertise.
From page 260...
... Count veterinarians that work in multiple clinics multiple times. Clinic #1: ______________________________________________ Clinic #2: ______________________________________________ Clinic #3: ______________________________________________ Clinic #4: ______________________________________________ Clinic #5: ______________________________________________ Additional Clinics: ______________________________________________ 5)
From page 261...
... What is the average time period, in minutes, scheduled for each office visit? Please indicate the entire time scheduled, including the time spent with a technician or assistant before or after the veterinarian.
From page 262...
... Registered Technicians Average Full-Time Average Part-Time Full-Time Hours Per Week Part-Time Hours per Week Current 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 13) Veterinary Assistants (Include animal care assistants only, not caretakers or others who take care of facilities etc.)
From page 263...
... For a veterinarian you would hire within the next year, what would you consider paying as a signing bonus? New Graduate: ____________________ Veterinarian with 1 to 5 years experience: ____________________ Veterinarian with 5 or more years experience: ____________________

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