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Appendix D: Inquiry to Selected Companies
Pages 292-296

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From page 292...
... An e-mail letter was sent to contact persons at the companies asking them to go to a website where they could complete the questionnaire. There were several follow up e-mails from the National Research Center (NRC)
From page 293...
... The study will explore historical changes in the size and characteristics of the veterinary workforce; assess the demographics and adequacy of the current supply of veterinarians in different occupational categories and sectors of the economy; and identify incentives, disincentives, and other factors that are likely to affect the numbers of veterinarians seeking jobs in different sectors in the future. The study will also examine trends affecting the kinds of jobs available to veterinarians and assess future demand for veterinary expertise in existing and new employment sectors.
From page 294...
... Business Operation Human pharmaceuticals and/or vaccines Veterinary pharmaceuticals and/or vaccines Biotechnologies Human diagnostics Veterinary diagnostics Crop protection Animal foods: Livestock feed Pet foods Human food Laboratory animal supplier Contract management of lab animal facilities Contract research laboratory: Toxicology Pathology Clinical Other (please specify) ________________________ For each of the following questions, please answer only for the area or areas that you checked above.
From page 295...
... PhD Certified and PhD MBA Preclinical Discovery Research Clinical Research/Development Safety R&D Toxicology Safety R&D Pathology Research support Laboratory animal medicine Regulatory Affairs Technical services/customer services Marketing Sales Senior Management Other (please specify)
From page 296...
... For positions requiring a DVM only, does the current educational system in the U.S. adequately train veterinarians for the needs of your company?

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