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Executive Summary
Pages 3-4

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... In a study of the issues related to the veterinary medical workforce, including demographics, workforce supply, trends affecting job availability, and capacity of the educational system to fill future demands, a National Research Council committee found that the profession faces important challenges in maintaining the economic sustainability of veterinary practice and education, building its scholarly foundations, and evolving veterinary service to meet changing societal needs. The committee found little evidence of workforce shortages in most fields of veterinary medicine.
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... The committee found that increasing student debt associated with a veterinary education is one factor that undermines the inclination of graduates to pursue PhD research training that would prepare them for academic careers, key jobs in public practice, and some positions in industry. Partnerships between industry and academe to expose DVM students to research and the establishment of joint DVM-PhD programs may increase the pool of potential candidates needed by academe, government, and industry .

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