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Appendix F: Intensive Short Courses that Help Prepare Veterinary Students and Veterinarians for Careers in Wildlife and Ecosystem Health
Pages 300-305

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From page 300...
... . Current partnering institutions for the Summer Institute include the Wildlife Health Center of UC Davis, White Oak Conservation Center, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Sokoine University, and Tanzania National Parks.
From page 301...
... Throughout this unit, ways to reduce risks to public, domestic animal, and wildlife health from shared infectious diseases are strongly emphasized. The Summer Institute continues with two-weeks of intensive instruction in aquatic animal health, ecotoxicology, and ecosystem rehabilitation at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution (
From page 302...
... Of the 339 former participants, 86 are in domestic animal practice, with 75 of these being Americans. Some of these individuals include a focus on exotic species and others undertake outreach addressing environmental concerns for their regions or to the developing world apart from their regular work schedules.
From page 303...
... The program emphasizes marine animal taxonomy, ecology, anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic methods and clinical medicine, with emphasis on marine mammals, sea turtles and marine birds, and some attention to fish species. The annual Marvet course
From page 304...
... The study investigates wild bottlenose dolphins in Sarasota Bay and, at 30 years overall, is the longest-running study of its kind. Marvet students also witness and participate in selected Mote Marine Laboratory activities including work with the Whale and Dolphin Hospital and the Sea Turtle Hospital that focus on care and rehabilitation of stranded marine mammals and turtles.
From page 305...
... Peter Brothers, offers educational and safari experiences for veterinary students and veterinarians. Partnering institutions include De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre and the University of Pretoria (

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