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Appendix C: Examples of Impacts from Algorithms Research
Pages 32-32

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... allocation problems and for logistics, delivery systems, and so on Turbo codes Decades of university and industry Absolutely essential in digital research, reduced to practical form communications, and in particular in at Telecom-Bretagne in 1993 wireless networking technologies today Eigenvalues, PageRank, and so on Decades of university research; PageRank the core of Google PageRank emerged out of Stanford search; today, related concepts still in 1998 fundamental Distributed hash tables Universities and industry, with A core element of today's peer-to-peer practical algorithms available by systems; also a strong influence on 2001 university and industry R&D VCG auction mechanism University research, emerging in A major impact on online advertising in 2000 the major search engines N-gram matching for natural University and industry research, The core of today's language-processing language processing emerging as practical around 2004 and translation systems 32

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