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Appendix E: Glossary
Pages 187-192

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From page 187...
... Cellulose: A repeating homopolymer of 1­4-linked glucose residues. Chemoenzymatic synthesis: Glycan synthesis that uses both chemical and enzymatic transformations to obtain the desired product.
From page 188...
... Galectins: S-type (sulfhydryl-dependent) -galactoside-binding lectins, usually occurring in a soluble form, expressed by a wide variety of animal cell types and distinguishable by the amino acid sequence of their carbohydrate recognition domains.
From page 189...
... Glycosylation: The enzyme-catalyzed covalent attachment of a carbohy drate to a polypeptide, lipid, polynucleotide, carbohydrate, or other organic compound, generally catalyzed by glycosyltransferases, uti lizing specific sugar nucleotide donor substrates. Glycosyl donor: The electrophile in a glycosylation reaction; the nucleo tide sugar in an enzymatic glycosylation reaction.
From page 190...
... Methylation analysis: A method for carbohydrate structure analysis based on the acid stability of methyl ethers and the acid lability of glycosidic linkages; used to determine the linkage positions of monosaccharide residues in an oligosaccharide chain. Microheterogeneity: Structural variations in a glycan at any given glyco sylation site on a protein (one source of glycoforms)
From page 191...
... . Oligosaccharides are sometimes called "sugar chains," and individual monosaccharides in a sugar chain are sometimes referred to as "sugar residues." Transcriptome: The total collection of RNA transcripts in a cell, a tis sue, or an organism, under specific conditions of time, space, and environment.

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