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Appendix D: Contributors to the Report, *Preparing for the Third Decade of the National Water-Quality Assessment Program*
Pages 179-180

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From page 179...
... Environmental Protection Agency Ken Belitz, Project Chief, California Ground-Water Ambient Monitoring Assessment, USGS Nate Booth, IT Specialist, Center for Integrated Data Analytics, USGS Sally Brady, Staff Scientist Herb Buxton, Program Coordinator, Toxics Substances Hydrology Program, USGS Judy Campbell Byrd, Environmental and Energy Study Institute Tom Carpenter, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Charles Demas, Director, Louisiana Water Science Center, USGS Neil Dubrovsky, Chief, NAWQA Nutrients National Synthesis, USGS Hedeff Essaid, Research Hydrologist, Menlo Park, CA, USGS Robert Gilliom, Chief, Pesticide National Synthesis Team, USGS Paul Gruber, National Ground Water Association 179
From page 180...
... Environmental Protection Agency Anne Hoos, Hydrologist, Tennessee Water Science Center, USGS David Kidwell, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Matt Larsen, Associate Director, Climate and Land Use Change, USGS Dennis Lynch, Director, Oregon Water Science Center, USGS Mark Munn, Ecologist, Washington Water Science Center, USGS Donna Myers, Chief, Office of Water Quality, USGS Robin O'Malley, The H John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment Darrell Osterhoudt, Association of State Drinking Water Administrators Tim Parker, National Ground Water Association Marc Ribaudo, U.S.

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