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Effective Writing Instruction
Pages 15-18

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From page 15...
... Figure 2 shows the component skills and processes of writing. As depicted in the figure, a writer manages and orchestrates the application of Basic Writing Skills Specialized Writing Knowledge Writing Motivation andwriting ttributes of good writing elf-efficacy pelling exture of specific types of text riting apprehension eyboarding inguistic knowledge ttitudes toward writing apitalization wareness of the audience ttributes for success/failure unctuation opic knowledge nterest entence construction ocabulary knowledge ntrinsic/extrinsic motivation oal orientation Executive Control Writing Strategies and Processes oal setting and planning elf-verbalization eeking information ehearsing ecord -keeping nvironmental structuring rganizing ime management ransforming elf-rewarding elf-monitoring ehearsing eviewing eeking assistance elf-evaluating and revising mulating FIGURE 2: Component skills and processes of writing
From page 16...
... Skilled writing requires planning and revising. Whereas children and adolescents spend very little time planning and revising, more accomplished writers such as college stu dents spend about 50 percent of their writing time planning and revising text.
From page 17...
... Making this relationship explicit will aid learners' skill development, contribute to their awareness about language, and enhance their retrieval of text forms and meanings. For example, spelling instruction deepens awareness of the correspondences between letters and speech sounds, enabling faster word reading.
From page 18...
... Developing Reading and Writing 16 Practices for Effective Writing Instruction In addition to the principles of effective writing instruction, research has identified several key teaching practices to develop writing skills (listed roughly in order of effectiveness)

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