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4 What Should One Look for in an Oral Health Literacy Assessment?
Pages 27-32

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From page 27...
... Health literacy, as was reported in the IOM report, is the interaction between skills of individuals and demands of the health care system. Horowitz stated that the challenge is to address the mismatch between demands of the health care system and the skills of those using and working in the health care system.
From page 28...
... Data collection activities conducted as part of the oral health literacy assessment included surveys and focus groups to seek information about current oral health attitudes, behaviors, and practices. Mail surveys of dentists, dental hygienists, physicians, and nurse practitioners collected information on knowledge and practices related to preventing tooth decay.
From page 29...
... These scans are currently going on in federally-qualified health centers and county health departments in Maryland. The environmental scans consist of phone interviews with the clinic director to obtain information on the demographic characteristics of the clinic attendees, and a review of the clinic websites and phone system.
From page 30...
... Putting this limitation aside, Horowitz speculated that findings from Maryland are generalizable to the nation and these findings are consistent with older national survey data reported in the Surgeon General's report on oral health. Roundtable member Leonard Epstein asked Horowitz how culturally and linguistically appropriate oral health care issues are factored into a statewide assessment.
From page 31...
... Horowitz added that the oral and dental health community needs to act to prevent any more tragic deaths, such as that of Deamonte Driver. Oral health literacy concepts need to be integrated into both professional school curriculum and board examinations.

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