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2 Keynote Address
Pages 5-10

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From page 5...
... Deamonte could not access a dentist to treat an abscessed tooth and the infection spread to the boy's brain. This tragic death motivated Congressman Cummings to become involved in oral health care issues and he began to advocate for better dental health care coverage.
From page 6...
... Congressman Cummings said he is a proud supporter of this landmark legislation and then highlighted some of the legislation's provisions to promote children's dental health. Pediatric dental care is fully covered as an essential health benefit in every insurance package that qualifies for inclusion in health insurance exchanges.1 Standalone dental plans must meet all certification standards that apply to qualified health plans without annual or lifetime limits.
From page 7...
... Knowledge acquired at a young age is very significant, because it results in children growing up educated, and then being able to teach their children proper dental hygiene. With sufficient education, there will be generations knowledgeable about dental care, the importance of flossing, the benefits of dental sealants, and that dental pain is preventable.
From page 8...
... The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act authorizes grants to fund Title IV assistance for pediatric training programs. It also creates incentives for teachers to train residents of underserved communities and for medical students to work in areas of greatest need.
From page 9...
... Congressman Cummings concluded by saying that improvements in oral health literacy depend on policy and on a moral commitment to the nation's children and communities. From his perspective, there is a moral responsibility to ensure that no child suffers.

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