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Appendix A: Statement of Task, with Introductory Information
Pages 277-279

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From page 277...
... Review updates in the state of the science that have taken place since publication of the National Research Council report Harnessing Light in 1998.1 (2) Identify the technological opportunities that have arisen from recent advances in optical science and engineering.
From page 278...
... The new study could identify national strengths and weaknesses in relation to current and future needs including eco nomic impact, workforce needs, and future research directions. Given that the 2007 National Research Council report Controlling the Quantum World: The Science of Atoms, Molecules, and Photons3 includes much of the area of basic optical science, this study would consider the technology areas where optics is an enabler that can dramatically impact the economy of the country.
From page 279...
... In carrying out this charge, the committee will consider the materials necessary for the technological development of optics. THE COMMITTEE This project will be executed by an ad hoc National Research Council com mittee appointed to carry out this study and produce the report, under the over sight of the Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design.

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