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Part II: Explaining the U.S. Health Disadvantage
Pages 91-94

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From page 91...
... Each year, other high-income countries are improving their health at a much faster rate than the United States, and the United States currently ranks lowest on a variety of health measures. The evidence reviewed in Part I also makes clear that this disadvantage is pervasive: the United States ranks at or near the bottom on multiple measures of mortality and morbidity, in all age groups up to age 75, in males and females alike, and in virtually all other subgroups of the population.
From page 92...
... 2. Does the set of factors have greater prevalence or health effects in the United States than in other high-income countries?
From page 93...
... or the same levels of poverty may experience different health outcomes if, respectively, one country performs better in controlling blood pressure or has a stronger safety net to help poor people avoid health complications. Although we did not systematically examine these differential effects, we did consider them when we knew there was some evidence available.

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