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... and Southeast Asian Americans (e.g., Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese) as they too are often underrepresented in STEM fields.1 The Colloquy provided a forum for the identification of research theories and methodologies to help frame approaches to investigate race-, ethnicity-, and gender-based factors that impact learning and sustained interest in STEM education and the STEM workforce; encourage research examining differences within and among specific minority male populations; and enhance understanding of societal as well as formal and informal educational systems' interactions that encourage or discourage minority males' interest and perseverance in study or work in STEM fields.2 NAE staff reviewed recent research on minority males in STEM and also sought input from the NSF to draw up an invitation list with an eye toward balancing representation of research communities and minority male populations.
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... She presented the following goals for the Colloquy: To frame a research agenda on underrepresented minority males, addressing the following questions: What do we know? What do we need to know?

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