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From page 12...
... He believes that minority groups should be represented in the STEM professions proportional to their representation in the general population. Stith explained that, since physics is usually the last science course students take in high school, he uses it as a bellwether for college readiness to enter STEM.
From page 13...
... Stith found this change particularly troubling because only about 13% of African Americans currently attend any of the 110 HBCUs for their undergraduate education. In conclusion, Stith stated that the continuous encouragement of minority students and their access to high-caliber teachers and faculty are two crucial factors needed for minority males to be successful in STEM studies and careers.
From page 14...
... Florida A&M University Georgia Institute of Technology Hampton University Howard University Massachusetts Institute of Technology North Carolina State University Stanford University* University of Alabama at Birmingham University of California at San Diego University of Michigan*

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