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... Studies on men of color1 can benefit, she said, from previous research and assessment of programmatic activities on gender that have focused on women and girls, adding that findings from prior theoretical work may be applicable to men and boys. For example, research on intersectionality2 for minority males could refer to Black Feminist Theory as it looks at gender, race, and socioeconomic status.
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... In response to an audience member's question, Espinosa agreed that it was important to look at research data on minority men in a disaggregated manner and that data for any single minority group may look very different from aggregated data across groups. Disaggregating the data by populations, regions, or ethnicities is critical to identifying target populations and capturing their unique characteristics as it relates to STEM participation.
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... TABLE 1. Top Ten BS-Granting Colleges/Universities for Minority Males in STEM, 2007 Black Men Latino Men Native American Men Asian Pacific Islander Men 1 Southern University University of Oklahoma State University of California, and A&M College Puerto Rico, University Berkeley Mayaguez 2 Florida A&M Florida University of University of California, University International Oklahoma, Norman Davis University 3 North Carolina A&T University of Southeastern University of California, San State University Texas, El Paso Oklahoma State Diego University 4 University of Universidad Northeastern State University of California, Phoenix Politecnica de University Irvine Puerto Rico 5 Strayer University University of North California State University of California, Los Texas, Austin University, Raleigh Angeles 6 Alabama A&M University of University of North University of Texas, Austin University Florida Carolina, Pembroke 7 Howard University University of Arizona State University of Washington, Texas, Pan University Seattle American 8 Prairie View A&M Texas A&M University of Arizona San Jose State University University University 9 University of California State East Central University California State Polytechnic Florida Polytechnic University, Pomona University, Pomona 10 University of The University of University of University of Illinois, Urbana Maryland, Texas, San Washington, Seattle Champaign Baltimore County Antonio SOURCE: Lorelle Espinosa, Institute for Higher Education Policy, Presentation on August 9, 2010.

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