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... For example, educational reforms across the country are emphasizing more rigorous common state standards and assessments for all students; increases in school and teacher effectiveness; innova tions in teacher preparation and professional development; and new approaches to holding dis tricts, schools, and teachers accountable for results. In addition, the new Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (see National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers, 2010)
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... Monitoring Progress Toward Successful K-12 STEM Education By providing a focused set of key indicators about schooling -- students' access to quality learn ing, educators' capacity, and policy and funding initiatives in STEM -- this report addresses the need for research and data that can be used to monitor progress in K-12 STEM education and make informed decisions about improving it. It provides a framework for Congress and relevant federal agencies to create and implement a national-level monitoring and reporting system with the capability to: • assess progress toward key improvements recommended in the 2011 National Research Council report Successful K-12 STEM Education; • measure student knowledge, interest, and participation in the STEM disciplines and STEM related activities; • track financial, human capital, and material investments in K-12 STEM education at the fed eral, state, and local levels; • provide information about the capabilities of the STEM-education workforce, including teach ers and principals; and • facilitate strategic planning for federal investments in STEM education and workforce develop ment, when used with labor force projections.

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