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Appendix: Summary of Relevant Surveys Administered by the U.S. Department of Education
Pages 50-53

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From page 50...
... tary and secondary teachers surveys/b&b/ Beginning Student persis- Nationally repre- Cohort surveyed in Data tables avail- 2009 Unknown Postsecondary tence in postsec- sentative cohort 2004 (at the end of able; occasional ondary education of students who their 1st academic use in analysis of Students programs, their entered postsec- year) , in 2006 (end community col Longitudinal transition to ondary education of their 3rd aca- leges (including Study (BPS:04)
From page 51...
... National Background Students, teachers Every 2 years for The Nation's Report 2011 for 2013 for Assessment questionnaires for (including special mathematics, every Card, various stud- math- math students, teach- and bilingual edu- 4 years for science ies of achievement ematics ematics, of Educational ers, and schools to cation) , and princi- gaps, charter and and sci- 2015 for Progress provide contextual pals in grades 4, 8, private schools, ence science (NAEP)
From page 52...
... and in the work- dents in 10th grade out of high school) force in 2002 surveys/els2002/ National Early childhood A survey of a rep- Every 2 years (no Regular use in 2012 2014 Household development, resentative sample 2009 data available analysis of adult school choice deci- of households as the survey was education, before Education sions, parent and across the country designed)
From page 53...
... provide descriptive data on the context of elementary and surveys/sass/ secondary educa tion. Topics include teacher demand, teacher and princi pal characteristics, general conditions in schools, and teacher compen sation Schools and Principal retention Survey sent to the Every 4 years, in Data tables avail- 2008-2009 2012-2013 Staffing Survey– and mobility principal of every the year following able; occasional school selected for the SASS use in analysis of Principal the previous year's principal attrition Follow-up SASS Survey (PFS)

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