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Appendix A: Biographical Sketches
Pages 271-276

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From page 271...
... is director, Creighton chair, and Regents Professor in the Paul G Allen School for Global Animal Health of Washington State University.
From page 272...
... Coughenour is senior research scientist at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University. He was a joint principal investigator on the South Turkana Ecosystem Project, investigating a native pastoral ecosystem in northern Kenya.
From page 273...
... Kalof is a professor of sociology, animal studies, and environmental science and policy at Michigan State University and founding director of the university's interdisciplinary graduate specialization in animal studies: humanities and social-science perspectives. Her research interests include cultural representations of animals, public perceptions of wildlife, and conservation and conflict management of urban carnivores.
From page 274...
... , where he teaches landscape ecology, natural-resources planning, GIS, remote sensing, and forest ecology and management. He conducts research on the spatiotemporal effects of juniper invasion on natural resources, sage-grouse habitat assessment on broad spatial scales, and the effects of free-ranging–horse distribution patterns on plant community structure.
From page 275...
... Early in his career he was a private practitioner in Wyoming and Nevada. He received his DVM from Colorado State University.

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