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Appendix D: Questions and Requests from the Committee
Pages 287-292

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From page 287...
... What factors do wild horse and burro biologists believe most strongly affect detectability (e.g., cover type, type of aircraft, elevation flown, snow versus no snow)
From page 288...
... Based on the census and population estimate records provided by BLM for a sample of HMAs, it is difficult to understand how these data are converted into the annual national population estimates for free-ranging horses reported by the national program office. It is important for the committee to understand the process used for converting and aggregating the HMA numbers into a national statistic. The committee requests an explanation of how this is done and some documentation of the process for the past several years.
From page 289...
... Please provide the committee with the following information • Report of genetic studies on burro populations • Fst values based on microsatellite studies between burro herds within states and between states 2  This question and the remaining under "Genetic Information" were submitted to E Gus Cothran of Texas A&M University.
From page 290...
... THE USE AND APPLICATION OF WinEquus For a representative sample of six to eight HMAs throughout the western United States, please provide copies of the herd management assessments prepared prior to each roundup-removal action, fertility-control treatment, or both and respond to the following questions: • For each HMA, what were the parameter values [survival and reproductive rates, carrying capacity (K) , removal (by age/sex)
From page 291...
... APPENDIX D 291 FERTILITY CONTROL Could BLM provide a list of projects and any associated reports related to work it is conducting on SpayVac with Mark Fraker/TerraMar Environmental Research LLC?

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