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Appendix C: Frameworks of the CBDP Enterprise Elements
Pages 119-122

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From page 119...
... ; visualize the sequence of events that moves the force from its current state to those end states. · SUSTAIN ­ The ability to · SHIELD ­ The capability to conduct decontamination and shield the force from harm medical actions that enable the caused by CBRN hazards by quick restoration of combat preventing or reducing power, maintain/recover individual and collective AIN SH essential functions that are free exposures, applying prophylaxis IEL ST from the effects of CBRN to prevent or mitigate negative SU hazards, and facilitate the return physiological effects, and D to pre-incident operational SHAPE protecting critical equipment.
From page 120...
... JPM Transformational Medical Technologies JPM Individual Protection (JPM-IP) JPM Collective Protection (JPM-ColPro)
From page 121...
... APPENDIX C 121 JSTO-CBD: Strategic Thrusts and Supporting Enablers Disease Surveillance, Threat Detection and Point of Need Diagnostics Broad-Spectrum Detection Fieldable Dx Sequencing Molecular Recognition Host Response Exposure Prediction Functional Consequences Adaptive Medical Countermeasures and Technologies Vaccines Immune Modulators Bio-Prophylaxes Bio-Therapeutics Regulatory Sciences Mfg Technologies Threat Activity Sensing and Reporting Point Detection Agent Characterization Mathematical Recognition Transport & Dispersion Risk-Based Hazard Plots Agent Fate Rapid Response and Restoration Science and Technology Individual Protection Dynamic Adaptive Materials Simulation and Analysis Rapid Prototyping Decontamination Enablers Novel Threat Research Applied Math Tools Multifunctional Materials Flexible Design & Manufacturing Systems Biology

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