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Appendix D: Relationship Comparison of CBDP Enterprise Frameworks to the Committee's S&T Capability Categories
Pages 123-126

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From page 123...
... Enabling CBRN Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance: DASD(CBD) JRO-CBRND and JPEO- JSTO-CBD CBD Agent Characterization and CBRN Reconnaissance Mathematical Recognition Identification Physicochemical Agent Medical Surveillance Agent Characterization Characterization Integrated Early Warning 123
From page 124...
... Medical Countermeasures: DASD(CBD) JRO-CBRND and JPEO-CBD JSTO-CBD Fieldable Diagnostic Diagnostics Chemical Prophylaxis Sequencing Pretreatments Biological Prophylaxis Host Response Prophylaxis Chemical Therapeutics Vaccines Therapeutics Biological Therapeutics Immune Modulators Toxicological Agent Medical Diagnostics Bio-prophylaxis Characterization Pathophysiological Response Bio-therapeutics Regulatory Science (Medical)
From page 125...
... JRO-CBRND and JPEO- JSTO-CBD CBD Information Management Methods of Control Exposure Prediction Individual Decontamination Hazardous Waste Control Functional Consequences Environmental Personnel Containment Transport & Dispersion Decontamination Mitigation Human Remains Equipment Containment Risk-Based Hazard Plots Decontamination Mitigation Hazardous Exposure Fixed-Site Containment Agent Fate Containment Mitigation Remains Disposition Decontamination 6. Cross-Cutting Science and Technology: DASD(CBD)

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