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2. Ongoing and Potential Research Applications
Pages 9-12

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... Vicki Freedman, Richard Gonzalez, Lindsay Ryan, Norbert Schwarz, Jacqui Smith, and Robert Stawski, are comparing DRM -- which involves asking respondents to reconstruct and describe episodes of the previous day and the feelings they experienced during each -- with shorter survey approaches that retain a subset of DRM features.9 This work is comparing findings from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) with DRM data collected in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID)
From page 10...
... levels of pain affected activities of daily living in particular segments of the sample population. This approach is novel relative to the global assessment methodologies typically used in population studies.
From page 11...
... 1) describe how transportation forecasting models may be used to help inform policy and investment decisions; they use the 2010 ATUS and SWB module data to develop a multivariate model designed to "capture the influence of activity-travel characteristics on subjective well-being while accounting for unobserved individual traits and attitudes that predispose people when it comes to their emotional feelings." They find that "activity duration, activity start time, and child accompaniment significantly impact feelings of well-being for different activities" (including 11
From page 12...
... . The authors add that "by integrating the well-being model presented in this paper with activity-based microsimulation models of travel demand, measures of well-being for different demographic segments may be estimated and the impacts of alternative policy and investment decisions on quality of life can be better assessed." 12

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