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Appendix C: Examples of Effective and Ineffective PatientClinician Discussions
Pages 207-210

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From page 207...
... To assist with clinician training to improve interviewing skills, the Department of Veterans Affairs may want to consider developing videos based on the illustrative scripts in Boxes C-1 and C-2 that demonstrate ineffective and effective patient–patient discussions. There are several observations to address in the conversation in Box C-1.
From page 208...
... . the fatigue, muscle aches, stomach pain, and terrible nausea, when I came back from vacation .
From page 209...
... "Yes, it's gotta be hard when it seems that no one really understands what you're going through. You know, there is a lot of discussion about Gulf War syndrome, or what we now call chronic multisymptom illness, or CMI.
From page 210...
... There is no magic pill, but I have several ideas to help reduce the symptoms and work to get you back to the life you want. There is a VA program that is designed to provide a team approach to the treatment that addresses not only your physical symptoms but also your emotional well-being and your quality of life.

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