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... Embedded rail OVERVIEW TRACK-RELATED RESEARCH VOLUME 6: DIRECT-FIXATION TRACK DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS, RESEARCH, AND RELATED MATERIAL 1 Direct-fixation fasteners are all "plate-type" fasteners, meaning the fastener units are uniformly supported in the same sense as the common tie plate. Direct-fixation fastener designers attempt to distinguish their products by creating distinct direct-fixation category names.
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... "Discussion on Basics" provides perspectives on the influences of fastener properties, track design, and specifications on track mechanics and how practical variations in fastener parameters and variations in manufacturing and construction may create deviant performance. "Discussion on Basics" also includes broad insight on key specification requirements and inherent limitations in some requirements, particularly laboratory tests.
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... The characterizations were performed on every major type of ballastless track product except embedded rail track and embedded wood tie track. Part B, Final Research Report, summarizes the results of those studies.

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