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... IV-1 SECTION IV Index of Strategies by Implementation Timeframe and Relative Cost Exhibit IV-1 provides a classification of strategies according to the expected timeframe and relative cost for this emphasis area. In several cases, the implementation time will depend on such factors as the agency's procedures, the need for additional right-of-way (ROW)
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... 15.2 A15 Prohibit/restrict trucks with very long semitrailers on roads with horizontal curves that cannot accommodate truck offtrackingd 15.2 B4 Add or improve roadside hardware 15.2 B5 Improve design and application of barrier and attenuation systems Moderate to High 15.2 A.11 Widen the roadwaye 15.2 A12 Improve or restore superelevation 15.2 A14 Install automated anti-icing systems 15.2 B1 Design safer slopes and ditches to prevent rollovers High -- Timeframe: Long (more than 2 years) Low -- Moderate -- Moderate to High -- High 15.2 A13 Modify horizontal alignment aProviding adequate sight distance can be costly if it involves redesigning the vertical curvature of the roadway or cutting back the slope of a hillside.

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