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... Since then, however, its growth has been rapid. The three largest operators – Flexcar, Zipcar and City CarShare – provide service in metropolitan regions from Seattle to Washington, DC.
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... This competitive nature has important implications for this research, because much of the detailed information on member characteristics, technology and operational performance is considered proprietary by car-sharing operators. Partly for this reason, and partly because operators are far ahead of public agencies and other partners on the car-sharing learning curve, this report does not attempt to provide a detailed manual on how to start up and operate car-sharing services.1 Instead, the study focuses on the role of partner organizations – transit agencies, local governments, regional planning agencies, employers and businesses, developers, universities and others with an interest in promoting the development of car-sharing.
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... There is a particularly strong relationship with vehicle ownership, suggesting that the availability of alternatives to the private car is key for the success of a car-sharing location. • Chapter 4, Impacts of Car-Sharing, confirms previous studies that car-sharing has a substantial impact in reducing members' vehicle ownership and travel, and reducing household transportation costs.
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... It also analyzes different models for how car-sharing services can be established and provides guidance on how partners can bring car-sharing to their own communities. • Appendices include an annotated bibliography; a list of partner organizations surveyed and interviewed; survey instruments; and sample documents such as RFPs and zoning ordinances related to car-sharing.
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... Paper presented at Transportation Research Board 83rd Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, January 11-15, 2004. City CarShare (2005)

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