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Exhibit A: Sample EOC Key Messages
Pages 6-10

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From page 6...
... It should describe, inform and lead how we address our human resources systems – how employees and potential employees see us…everything from compensation to performance management to culture. Exhibit A: Sample EOC Key Messages.
From page 7...
... This shift to a new business paradigm – systemically different ways of delivering products and services – means fundamental, strategic activity at both an industry and an individual transit agency level. As organizations begin to adopt components of the new public transportation model, the need to adapt and align human resources strategies and human capital infrastructure becomes apparent.
From page 8...
... This toolkit is aimed at providing: • A framework to consider the interrelationships between the delivery of world class transit services and human capital practices • A process to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, priorities and direction for your agency • Methods to stimulate dialogue and action in your agency to enhance your agency's ability to attract, retain and optimize talent ° Ultimately, this toolkit should help the organization align employees with mission What is an Employer of Choice Toolkit? Sample EOC Key Messages (continued)
From page 9...
... This section provides information, processes and tools to: develop an Employer of Choice strategy, diagnose you current state, identify priorities and track progress. By completing the Employer of Choice Diagnostic, you will be directed to other sections of the toolkit.
From page 10...
... Sample EOC Key Messages (continued)

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