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... – Before sanctions are imposed for no-shows and late cancellations, notify riders in writing and list, in detail, the no-shows that have been recorded against them. – Provide an informal hearing process for riders to dispute the no-shows recorded or to offer reasons that the missed trips were beyond their control.
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... POLICY IMPLEMENTATION The following possible features of no-show/late cancellation policy implementation may assist transit agencies when developing and reviewing their own policies. • Measure customer satisfaction of both those who could benefit by the reduction in the number of noshows and late cancellations by the fellow customers and of those who have incurred excessive late cancellations and no-shows.
From page 34...
... SUMMARY Although most transit agencies would not be able to employ all of the ideas for no-show policies that are listed in this chapter, there are many items to consider and they are included here. This list is not meant to be exhaustive and may likely change over time as new interpretations and additional policy clarifications become available.

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