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Appendix A - Survey Questionnaire
Pages 42-47

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From page 42...
... TRANSIT COOPERATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAM SYNTHESIS PROJECT J-7, TOPIC SB-11 PRACTICES IN LATE CANCELLATION/NO-SHOW POLICIES FOR ADA PARATRANSIT 42 Survey Questionnaire for ADA Paratransit Manager or ADA Coordinator Purpose: The objective of this synthesis is to document current policies and practices of U.S. public transit agencies concerning passenger late cancellations and no-shows for ADA complementary paratransit service.
From page 43...
... . □ ADA complementary paratransit only □ ADA complementary paratransit service AND other paratransit services provided using the SAME vehicles □ ADA complementary paratransit service AND other paratransit services provided using DIFFERENT vehicles Please answer all remaining questions with respect to ADA complementary paratransit service only.
From page 44...
... No-Shows and Cancellations Please define the following terms as they are used by your system. If you do not use a particular term, please indicate that it is not applicable.
From page 45...
... □ Yes □ No If yes, please describe process: _______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ g. Does your policy include incentives for passengers who have low rates of no-shows/late cancellations?
From page 46...
... □ Not applicable ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 27. Does your software program include a module to track no-shows and/or late cancellations?
From page 47...
... □ Yes □ No □ Not applicable Please mail or e-mail copies of your no-show/late cancellation policy and any related information that you distribute to customers (including sample letters) to the project manager listed at the beginning of the survey.

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