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Summary of Major Findings and Recommendations
Pages 1-3

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... Although improvements in the competitive status of the United States will not come about solely as a result of our being more aware of technological progress made outside the United States, technological isolation will surely undermine the future of our industries and educational institutions. The benefits of international cooperation in engineering and technology are likely to outweigh risks in many situations, given thoughtful and symmetrical implementation of programs.
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... citizens receiving doctorates in engineering to spend a year or more abroad at centers of excellence in engineering in the Pacific Rim nations, especially Japan, and in Western Europe. It should also encourage and help sponsor engineering faculty members, Presidential Young Investigators, and outstanding industrial researchers to take sabbatical at centers of engineering excellence abroad.
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... 5. NSF should assess the adequacy of federal efforts to gather technical information worldwide, analyze its trends, and effectively disseminate insight into engineering advances overseas to government agencies, private companies, and universities.

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