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Appendix B International Multipurpose Nongovernmental Engineering and Science Organizations
Pages 51-56

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From page 51...
... This arrangement combines scientific and national interests, provides access to scientific expertise primarily through the unions, and draws political, financial, and scientific support from participating national bodies. For the United States, the national adhering organization to ICSU, and to the majority of international scientific organizations, is the National Academy of Sciences, with financial support provided by the National Science Foundation.
From page 52...
... Inter-Union Commissions IUCAF (Frequency Allocations for Radio Astronomy and Space Science) ICL (Lithosphere)
From page 53...
... Thus, WFEO appears to be considering, if not yet actively moving toward, a dual structure like that of ICSU -- professional societies represented by national members and independent international engineering unions and federations. It has been suggested that possible recruits would include federations of the type now included in UITA.
From page 54...
... 1984) Algeria Ghana Palestine Argentine Greece Panama Australia Hungary Peru Austria India Poland Bahrain Indonesia Portugal Bangladesh Iraq Puerto Rico Belgium Ireland Rumania Bolivia Israel Salvador Brazil Italy Senegal Bulgaria Ivory Coast South Africa Canada Japan Spain Caribbean Isl.
From page 55...
... CIATF International Committee of Foundry Technical Associations CIGR International Commission of Agricultural Engineering CIRP International Institution for Production Engineering Research IAHR International Association for Hydraulic Research IALA International Association of Lighthouse Authorities BTTA International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association CAA International Civil Airports Association ICF International Congress on Fracture ICG International Commission on Glass ICID International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage ICOLD International Commission on Large Dams IDF International Dairy Federation IFA International Fertilizer Industry Association IFAC International Federation of Automatic Control IFIEC International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers IFToMM International Federation for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms IGU International Gas Union IIW International Institute of Welding IMEKO International Measurement Confederation ISSMFE International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering ISWA International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association IUAPPA International Union of Air Pollution Prevention Associations PIANC Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses PIARC Permanent International Association of Road Congresses RILEM International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures UIE International Union for Electroheat UIC International Union of Railways UITP International Union of Public Transports UNIPEDE International Union of Producers and Distributors of Electrical Energy WEC World Energy Conference Sporadic efforts have been made over the years to bring about a merger of WFEO and UITA. At UNESCO urging, a joint committee was recently established to strengthen cooperation between the two groups, but results so far are not significant.
From page 56...
... The major activity of the Council has been a periodic Convocation where technological leaders from various nations assemble as individuals to discuss major issues of engineering and technology. Convocation agendas have included topics of broad international concern such as management of technological change, coupling between technology and the global economy, and engineering education, as well as examination of specific technologies such as materials and automated production.

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