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... 3Organizations are a human enterprise and their highest purpose is to make the strengths of people effective and their weaknesses irrelevant. Peter Drucker INTRODUCTION American public service is in its third era of reform, and public service at all levels of government -- state, local, and federal -- is in the midst of profound change.
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... AASHTO, the National Highway Institute (NHI) , and other similar entities have identified training and development as a significant tool to ensure that state DOTs can attract and retain a well-qualified workforce.
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... Efficient and timely training and professional development efforts will allow agencies and their partners to take full advantage of technological innovation, maximize workforce productivity, and ensure the efficient use of limited resources.
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... Chapter five summarizes the conclusions to be drawn from the literature review, the agency questionnaire results, the 2005 Training Directors Conference, the thought leader interviews, and industry practices. A bibliography provides a detailed list of references, including articles, books, and reports that will assist in keeping state DOT training organizations well informed for years to come about the evaluation of critical components of training program analysis, development, delivery, and evaluation.

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