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Appendix C - ASTD 2005 State of the Industry Report: ASTD's Annual Review of Trends in Workplace Learning and Performance
Pages 79-82

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From page 79...
... The BEST Award group replaces the Training Investment Leaders group, which was drawn from the BMS and BMF samples in previous years. These three samples are the most comprehensive sets of data available on both historical and current workplace learning and performance investments and practices in the United States (see Table C1)
From page 80...
... • Common characteristics of BEST winning organizations were -- High level of investment in learning (although some spend less than the norm) -- Measurement and demonstration of efficiency and effectiveness of the learning function Evidence that learning has value in the culture Evidence of a link between learning and performance Evidence that the organization has leveraged technology in learning Evidence of innovative learning initiatives.
From page 81...
... The BEST organizations also provide a broad range of internal and external learning opportunities for employees, going beyond traditional formal learning activities to begin formalizing the informal; for example, legitimizing and providing structures for knowledge sharing and coaching. • The BEST learning organizations have C-level involvement and support, and systematically involve leaders as role models and teachers.
From page 82...
... ASTD plans to benchmark separately efficiency, effectiveness, alignment, and sustainability indicators and identify which indicators are most critical to each of those attributes of a learning organization. • As the WLP industry and profession evolves, so too must the methods for monitoring and reporting its state on an annual basis.

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