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Appendix D - ASTD Competencies Study
Pages 83-87

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From page 83...
... These four roles are further defined as follows: Learning Strategist Determines how workplace learning and performance improvement can best be leveraged to achieve long-term business success and add value to meet organizational needs; leads in the planning and implementation of learning and performance improvement strategies that support the organization strategic direction and that are based on an analysis of the effectiveness of existing learning and performance improvement strategies. Business Partner Applies business and industry knowledge to partner with the client in identifying workplace performance-improvement opportunities; evaluates possible solutions and recommends solutions that will have a positive impact on performance; gains client agreement and commitment to the proposed solutions and collaboratively develops an overall implementation strategy that includes evaluating impact on business performance; uses appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to build effective long-term relationships with the client.
From page 84...
... 84 Managing the Learning Function Providing leadership in developing human capital to execute the organization's strategy; and planning, organizing, monitoring, and adjusting activities associated with the administration of workplace learning and performance. Coaching Using an interactive process to help individuals and organizations develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results; and improving others' ability to set goals, take action, make better decisions, and make full use of their natural strengths.
From page 85...
... Business/Management Competencies Analyzing Needs and Proposing Solutions Applying Business Acumen Driving Results Planning and Implementing Assignments Thinking Strategically. Interpersonal Competencies Building Trust Communicating Effectively Influencing Stakeholders Leveraging Diversity Networking and Partnering.
From page 86...
... Applying Business Acumen Understanding the organization business model and financial goals; utilizing economic, financial, and organizational data to build and document the business case for investing in workplace learning and performance solutions; and using business terminology when communicating with others. Driving Results Identifying opportunities for improvement and setting welldefined goals related to learning and performance solutions; orchestrating efforts and measuring progress; and striving to achieve goals and produce exceptional results.
From page 87...
... Adapts to Handle Implementation Challenges Effectively handles global, cultural, economic, social, and political challenges to the effective implementation of learning and performance solutions; and works to overcome barriers and deal constructively with nontraditional or challenging situations. Modeling Personal Development Actively identifying new areas for ones' own personal learning; regularly creating and taking advantage of learning opportunities; and applying newly gained knowledge and skill on the job.

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