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Appendix A - Survey Questionnaire
Pages 35-38

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From page 35...
... The survey contains questions about forecasting methods, data inputs and requirements, use of the forecasts, organizational responsibility for forecasting, reliability, and potential improvements. The survey questions try to address as many situations as possible, but given the variety of circumstances and transit systems, not all questions may be appropriate for all agencies.
From page 36...
... If a factor is involved for some types of changes or forecasts but not others, please indicate. FACTOR TYPE OF CHANGE OR FORECAST  Existing system ridership  Existing route or route segment ridership  Ridership on similar routes  Origin/destination information  Demographic factors within the service area  Land use within the affected service area  Economic trends within the service area  Other (please specify)
From page 37...
...  Availability and/or accuracy of input data at the appropriate scale  Less time-intensive methodology  Inclusion of more predictive variables  Simplification of the procedures  Accuracy of the results  Flexibility to address a wider variety of situations  Other (please specify)
From page 38...
... 4511 Falcon Ridge Court San Diego, CA 92130 858-259-6515 phone 858-259-2305 fax e-mail We encourage you to return your completed survey via e-mail. If you have any questions on the survey or the project, feel free to contact Dan Boyle by e-mail or phone.

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