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... In October 2005, a Consensus Conference for Paratransit Managers was convened by Easter Seals Project ACTION (ESPA) as the result of a Statement of Need submitted to ESPA proposing an effort related to the recruitment, training, retention, and rewarding of paratransit managers on the subject.
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... The report provides information on additional skill sets desired by paratransit managers, their GMs/CEOs, and paratransit advisory committee members. It ranks the skills that are important to paratransit managers, GMs/CEOs, and paratransit advisory committee members.
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... – A slight majority of current paratransit managers (52%) stated that it was the "challenge" that attracted them to the position, whereas only 8% mentioned that it was the pay.
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... little or no paratransit experience, and is not highly compensated. He or she took the job for the challenge and not the pay or the status of the position.

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