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Metals in Roots, Stem, and Foliage of Forest Trees
Pages 275-280

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From page 275...
... The relationship of this sudden loss of tree health to pollution associated with the 20tli century economy has been scientific investigations and a matter of great public interest. conclusions have yet been reached about the actual impact of deposition on forests, the possibility clearly exists that forests eastern North the United States and stresses created by air the subject of many Although no definite air pollution and acidic of central Europe and America are at risk from air pollution, either by direct chronic effects on foliage or indirect cumulative effects on fine roots in soil.
From page 276...
... Experiments with spruce seedlings under various cultural conditions in which the molar Al:Ca ratio was 1 indicated that this condition can affect the development of fine roots and shoots (Schier 1985, Stienen and Bauch 1988~. Molar ratios of Al:Ca in spruce and fir fine root tissue were determined from collections made from humus and mineral soil sampled across New England in 1985 and
From page 277...
... However, some simpler analyses applied in sequence on samples of soil from the zone of major fine root activity may be useful as an indicator of atmospheric effects in the forest. Presumptive tests for low acidity and high ionic strength could be made by simple electrical measurements followed by determination of soluble or exchangeable metal ion ratios, such as Al:Ca and Al:Mg on acidic soils, or Ca:K on less acidic soils, by routine chemical analysis.
From page 278...
... 1982. Zellularer Nachweis van Elementen in den Feinwurzeln gesunder und erkrankter Tanne (Abies alba Mills.
From page 279...
... 1984. Mikroskopische und rontgenenergiedispersive Untersuchungen an Feinwurzeln gesunder und erkrankter Fichten (Picea abies (L.)
From page 280...
... 1982. Zellularer Nachweis van Elementen in den Feinwurzeln gesunder und erkrankter Tanne (Abies alba Mills.

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