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... Over the last decade or so, several trends indicate why consideration of new sources of local and regional funding for public transportation is of mounting importance: • Investment in public transportation from all sources has nearly doubled in nominal dollars, indicating a continued interest in meeting transit system needs, according to the American Public Transportation Association 2006 "Public Transportation Fact Book." • Despite these increases, both public transportation industry and U.S. DOT estimates confirm a substantial and growing shortfall.
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... • Revenues that flow from financing mechanisms that typically involve capturing the value of future streams of local or regional dedicated revenues for current use under various conditions and requirements are considered "local and/or regional." 2.3 Profile of Local and Regional Public Transportation Funding Sources -- 2005 Although a great deal is known about local and regional funding for transit, the information has been largely anecdotal. There are two major exceptions: (1)
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... Local and regional public transportation funding sources for urbanized areas with population over 200,000 (2005)
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... Table 2.3. Sources of local funding for public transportation capital investment and operating expenses by system size (population of area served)
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... Sources of local public transportation funding for capital investment and operating expenses by agency type (2005)

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