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Myopia Prevalence and Progression (1989) / Chapter Skim
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Appendix A: The Biological Basis of Myopia
Pages 43-44

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From page 43...
... As this reduction in total optical power occurs, any slight mismatch between optical power and axial length will also have a progressively small effect on refractive error; consequently, the degree of myopia or hyperopia will decrease. Whatever the mechanism, it is clear that growth in the direction of myopia from an initially hyperopic state in the newborn is a normal biological phenomenon affecting most eyes.
From page 44...
... High levels of myopia frequently lead to blindness as a result of the rapidly increasing size of the posterior segment of the eye, causing degenerative changes in the retina (Curtin, 1985~. The pathophysiology of postnatal ocular expansion produces characteristic changes in the fundus appearance.

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