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Myopia Prevalence and Progression (1989) / Chapter Skim
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Appendix E: Glossary
Pages 93-96

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From page 93...
... Changes in the ciliary muscle and the lens in bringing light Amplitude of accon~nodation. The maximum dioptric lens power increase resulting from contraction of the ciliary muscle in response to a near stimulus.
From page 94...
... Paralysis of the ciliary muscles of the eyes, which greatly reduces the amplitude of accommodation. Atropine cyclopedia, for example, refers to artificially induced paralysis caused by the anticholinergic agent atropine.
From page 95...
... Dependent upon the clarity of the retinal focus, integrity of the nervous elements, and cerebral interpretation of a given stimulus at a given distance as tested with a Snellen or similar chart. In the USA using Snellen's letter chart at 20 feet, normal visual acuity is at least 20/20 for letters of high contrast with their background.

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