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... Introduction This Handbook was developed as a result of Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Project 01-03.
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... If the customer service complaints trend analysis indicated that additional gate capacity would solve one of the top areas of complaint, and this information was paired with all of the above metrics presented on the desktop dashboards of senior management, decision-making would be faster and more likely to result in sound business decisions. If an airport could generate the information and integrate it as necessary to bill airlines for landing fees and other variable charges immediately at the end of the month, rather than waiting 30 days for airline-reported data, amounts due the airport would be received in days, instead of weeks from month's end.
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... Handbook Overview Readers can use this Handbook to develop a long-range integration plan for their airports -- by identifying where the airport is today and what integration projects would most advance the overall vision, prioritizing those projects, and creating a phasing strategy to achieve the overall vision. This Handbook will assist an airport in developing plans and processes to achieve successful integration of airport information systems.

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