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... At an airport with integrated information systems, senior managers can access desired information from their desktops by use of a dashboard, which the managers have customized to provide the level of information needed to efficiently and effectively address the most business-critical decisions of that airport. Information such as the following could be available and reviewed at will on the manager's dashboard: • The airport's current financial picture; • Current operational issues and the immediate effect on the budget; • Return on investment analyses for alternative development proposals; • Projected arriving and departing passenger counts, by hour, day, and week; • Percentage gate usage by airline; • Current and forecasted airfield conditions; and • Percentage delays by terminal.
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... On the other hand, the dashboards shown in Chapter 7 reflect high-level views for a CEO who only needs summary information. Public airports combine elements of various business enterprises and serve diverse functions.
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... This Handbook provides the information to make these goals a reality. Using the information in this Handbook, airport management can • Analyze the state of information integration at their airport, • Develop a vision, • Plan for future integration efforts, • Incorporate the best practices into the integration process, and • Proceed to successful integration.

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