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... The research approach in developing the project delivery method selection framework was to synthesize relevant literature on project delivery methods and previous work in developing decision support systems for project delivery selection. In addition, face-to-face structured interviews were conducted with several transit agencies to learn how each project delivery method had been implemented in actual transit projects.
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... The issues were also used to develop the project delivery method selection framework. Selection System Framework A three-tiered project delivery selection system was developed that consists of the following: Tier 1 -- Analytical Delivery Decision Approach Tier 2 -- Weighted-Matrix Delivery Decision Approach Tier 3 -- Optimal Risk-Based Approach The Tier 1 -- Analytical Delivery Decision Approach provides a framework for agencies and their project delivery teams to define project goals and examine the advantages and disadvantages of each delivery method within the context of these goals.
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... This guidebook is meant to be a comprehensive resource for transit agencies embarking on the process of project delivery selection, providing concrete guidance on how to select the most appropriate delivery method for a project and how to document the final project delivery decision in a concise and consistent format. Summary 3

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