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From page 89...
... EAF Engineering Adjustment Factors EC European Commission EN Euro Norms documents FELA Federal Employers Liability Act FFGA Full Funding Grant Agreement 89 Acronyms
From page 90...
... PRESS Passenger Rail Equipment Safety Standards PRIIA Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008 PTC Positive Train Control RCAF Railroad Cost Adjustment Factor RCRI Railroad Cost Recovery Index REMSA Railway Engineering-Maintenance Supplier Association RLA Railway Labor Act of 1926 ROI Return on Investment 90 Guidebook for Implementing Passenger Rail Service on Shared Passenger and Freight Corridors
From page 91...
... UP Union Pacific Railway US United States U.S.C. United States Code USDOT United States Department of Transportation USRA United States Railroad Association UTA Utah Transit Authority VRE Virginia Railway Express WSDOT Washington State Department of Transportation Acronyms 91

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