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... Even so, self-tagging has proven to be a complex process, as it affects multiple systems and processes in airports, including • Airline check-in; • Watchlists and advance passenger data; • Self-service kiosks; • Baggage drop-off, sortation, reconciliation, and screening; • Contractual and commercial issues; and • Passenger security screening/processing. Despite the complexity, airlines and airports have considerable interest in developing passenger self-tagging, and there are several projects presently under way outside of the U.S.
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... IATA Recommended Practice 1701f, Self Service Baggage Process, version 1. Currently, both working groups are collaborating on the preparation of a self-tagging implementation guide and have received support from the TSA towards starting pilot programs here in the U.S.
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... Verified information was then compiled into six Decision-Making Tool categories as detailed in the third block of Figure 5. 12 Guide to the Decision-Making Tool for Evaluating Passenger Self-Tagging Figure 5.

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