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Research Results Digest 12
Pages 1-8

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... Research Results Digest 12 January 2011 Responsible Senior Program Officer: Michael R Salamone AIRPORT COOPERATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAM Sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration Suggestions for synthesis topics may be sent to the ACRP Manager at any time by contacting the Cooperative Research Programs Staff, Transportation Research Board, 500 Fifth Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 20001.
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... Title S01-03 Airport Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Practices S01-04 Airline and Airport–Airline Consortiums to Manage Terminals and Equipment S02-05 Strategies and Financing Opportunities for Airport Environmental Programs S03-06 Strategies for Re-use of Underutilized or Vacant Airport Facilities S04-05 Bird Harassment, Repellant, or Deterrent Techniques on Airports S04-06 Current Airport Inspection Practices Regarding FOD/Wildlife Hazards S06-02 Airport Self-Inspection Procedures and Training Practices S09-02 Common Airport Pavement Maintenance Practices S10-05 Ramp Safety Practices S10-06 Investigating Safety Impacts of Energy Technologies on Airports and Aviation
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... 104 pp., $39 6 Impact of Airport Pavement Deicing Products on Aircraft and Airfield Infrastructure (2008) 58 pp., $42 7 Airport Economic Impact Methods and Models (2008)
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... Collins Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Liaison A.J. Muldoon ACI–North America TRB Liaison Christine Gerencher Transportation Research Board ACRP Synthesis Staff Gail R
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... 2, 13, 14 Airport maintenance 11, 21 Airport operations 3, 4, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15, 20, 21 Airport planning 14 Airport system planning 14 Airport terminal facility activation 20 Aviation activity forecasting 2, 4, 5 Aviation noise abatement 16 Aviation operations 12 Baggage 8 Benefit-cost 13 Capital financing 1, 21 Commercial development 1, 21 Common Use 8, 19 Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS) 8, 19 Common Use Self-Service (CUSS)
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... COPYRIGHT INFORMATION Authors herein are responsible for the authenticity of their materials and for obtaining written permissions from publishers or persons who own the copyright to any previously published or copyrighted material used herein. Cooperative Research Programs (CRP)

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