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From page 47...
... the reduction(s) in services and/or increases in fares resulted in any complaints against your agency for disparate treatment or disparate impact based on Sections 601 and/or 602 of Title VI of the Civil Rights Law of 1964?
From page 48...
... _________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 4. Has your agency encountered a specific situation involving Title VI or the ADA and reduction in transit service and/or an increase in fares that would make a good case study for the Report?
From page 49...
... _________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 12. With respect to the 2007 FTA Title VI Circular does the Circular resolve any questions that arose in any earlier litigation or administrative proceedings of which your agency is aware or, alternatively, does the Circular raise more issues?
From page 50...
... of which your agency is aware in which a plaintiff or defendant has used the 2007 FTA Title VI Circular.

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